As a globally trusted partner to companies of all sizes, Brocktree Solutions stands ready with products and services needed most during and beyond the pandemic. We are actively engaged in the fight against COVID-19 by manufacturing various products and devices that aid in helping save lives, including disinfectants, disinfecting equipment, temperature and bacterial detection and PPE. We offer hands on planning and instruction in using our products, or, if you’d rather outsource your daily environmental protective practices, we have professional teams available. Brocktree Solutions Fulfillment is a specialized arm of the company offering high quality, cost-effective US-based contract packaging and fulfillment services.

Brocktree Solutions’ Master Distributor, American Black Rhino and MW Logistics, has been providing exceptional logistics solutions for Fortune 500 brands since 2001. 100% minority-owned and invested in the communities they live and work in, MW Logistics is emerging as a leader in North America. Brocktree Solutions is representative of that, rising to deliver essential products and services communities need during this unprecedented chapter in history.

Why Us

As the country “returns to work,” Brocktree Solutions has the industry expertise, critical supplies, and hands-on support your organization needs to properly clean, disinfect and detect to protect against the spread of infectious diseases.

Brocktree Solutions’ efficient production processes ensure increased output, high capacity, and timely delivery, saving you capital investment, labor, time, and money during a time when demand is high and supplies are limited.


Brocktree Solutions’ efficient production processes ensure increased output, high capacity, and timely delivery, saving you capital investment, labor, time, and money during a time when demand is high and supplies are limited.


Brocktree Solutions’ offers high quality custom labeling services for products,
devices, packaging, and more. This option is ideal for reselling product or promoting
your organization with logo giveaways.


During the reopening phases, it is important to ensure employees and customers can safely and confidently enter, shop, or work in your facility. Brocktree Solutions offers professional, on-site commercial disinfecting services you can trust.



    Brocktree Solutions offers a comprehensive daily sanitization program for your business. The program is non-toxic and biodegradable, cost-effective, and easy to use. It defends against viruses and bacteria, making sure your staff and your customers stay safe and your business stays open during these unprecedented times. This video describes the program.



Keeping students, faculty, and staff safe in school has taken on a whole new meaning. Let us show you how we’re bringing them back to a safe and protected space, ready to learn.


Have you brought your employees back to work in a safe place? Are you able to work face to face again? At Brocktree Solutions we’re getting businesses back to doing business.


The epicenter of the epidemic is where we’ve focused a lot of resources to ensure that between patients, between shifts, and between workdays, your facilities can be returned to pristine and protected.


Restaurants and hotels must adhere to high cleanliness standards, but COVID 19 has taken the standards to a whole new level. Is your business up to the challenge? You can rest assured it is when you use Brocktree Solutions protocols.


As more and more stores are able to open back up, and at a greater capacity, can you handle the increased traffic flow safely? Are you doing everything you can to keep your employees and customers protected? Make sure, with Brocktree Solutions.


Gathering together is a huge component of spiritual lives, and Brocktree Solutions can help your community do it safely. If you haven’t ventured away from online services, it’s time, with Brocktree Solutions.


Working from home just doesn’t work for some companies, especially manufacturers. Brocktree Solutions has practical and effective solutions for your facilities, no matter how large.


What if you could maintain a high level of clean on buses, trains, and planes every hour of every day, neutralizing the virus threat over and over again in a matter of minutes?


Charity begins at home. So does cleanliness. Thoroughly protecting yourself and your loved ones is less of a chore with Brocktree Solutions.


Brocktree Solutions has what you need to reopen your business. With an emphasis on quality, we offer the critical supplies you need to clean and disinfect, monitor, and protect against infectious diseases. The products mentioned below are just a sample of what we provide. If you don’t see something you are looking for, please contact us.


Brocktree Solutions Fulfillment provides clients with a full array of proven contactless product fulfillment solutions that are customizable for any business’ needs. We offer 360-degree solutions for enterprise businesses including manufacturing, complete contract packaging services, warehousing, kitting, packing, and shipping. Our clients entrust us with their most precious asset: their brand. We are committed to delivering on that trust.

Trust us for all your fulfillment needs.

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